World Wide Digital Music Distribution

    We at Jo Blo Entertainment know the importance of having your music heard! Unlike in the past when you had to be with a major recording company to have your music distributed on a major level. Now with the internet and social media you are now able to put your own music out digitally! Let’s face it, most people buy their music directly from their smart phones! In order to help our clients take advantage of this technology and distribution to the next level, we at Jo Blo Entertainment partnered up with World Wide Digital Distributor Ingrooves Music Group! Ingrooves is one of the best digital music distributors in the world! They have over 800 digital partners in over 80 territories around the world! This enables us to put your music in every country on almost every music service there is to sell and market your music! Like, I tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Zune, Beats Music, Pandora, and so many more! The ingrooves platform also allows us to pay on royalties on a month to month basis on any account surpassing the $250.00 sales mark for that month! We will do distribution on a single by single basis, or an e.p. or album. In order for your music to be heard it also must be available! everywhere!


Ingrooves also provides other services that you can buy into like Promotion, Marketing,Project Management, Publicity and Synch Licensing. They have an experienced staff who will guide you to your success and help you along the way.


If you are interested in our distribution services please contact us for pricing and a consultation!





















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