Lenox Music Administration and Publishing Services


    A division of Jo Blo Entertainment is Lenox Music Administration and Publishing services. We

have partnered up with the Music Admin Group as well as Kobalt Music the #1 music publishing administration company in the world.Kobalt offers artists, songwriters, and publishers an alternative to the traditional music business model. Through technology, Kobalt empowers creators with transparency, flexibility, ownership and control. The future of music made simple.Kobalt Music Publishing is the largest independent music publisher in the world. Using our proprietary technology platform, we provide unparalleled transparency with seamless online copyright administration, royalty tracking, and digital collections.


Neighbouring Rights Collection -This will enable us at Lenox Music Publishing to tap into Kobalt’s world wide publishing and admin services. We will be able to collect on publishing income around the world and see the money being made and generated in real time. For clients with no previous Neighbouring Rights collection, there may be income already accumulated and ready to collect. In some countries, income from up to 10 years ago can still be claimed retroactively. So if you have had a hit record or have been a writer on a hit record or any record that has been released on a major or indie level more than likely there is money out there waiting to be collected and we can do that for you. The best thing is that once we find your money around the world from your songs Kobalt pays Neighbouring Rights income monthly by direct deposit. Royalty statements are issued 31 days after the end of the month in which the income was received. The Kobalt Portal provides downloadable statements, which are accessible anytime. We do this domestically as well.


Synch - Another form of income for songwriters and producers is getting their music placed in T.V. and Film. Kobalt has 45 global synch staff, agents & sub-publishers pitching and licensing songs for high-profile uses in advertising, film, TV, games and other mediums. The extensive team works across borders to find the right partners for your music and to maximize your synch income. With Kobalt's online portal, clients can view real time updates on synch requests for works and follow the licensing process from the initial quote to payment and completion of the synch. Our partnership with Kobalt allows us to do that for you at Lenox Music Publishing and administration. This will allow your songs to grow and earn income in ways they never have before.


We will be working your songs and music on a worldwide basis, with offices in Atlanta, New York, L.A., London, Berlin, Miami, Nashville, Stockholm and Sydney. Lenox Music publishing has got you covered. To find out more information on our partner Kobalt Music Publishing go to


To submit songs and music for consideration for our publishing services please send to There will be a $150.00 admin fee for songs that have not been previously released for sale, but would like to be considered  for our synch services like  for T.V. and Film. Once a song has been accepted by our team we will contact you for further business. The admin fee will only have to be paid if the song is accepted.


Let’s go get your money!!!


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